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I am proud to present our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, which demonstrates our commitment to each of our stakeholder. The primary purpose of the report is to showcase and share information about successful strategies, policies, and best practices for inclusivity and leadership. daily T+ daily

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Dec 08,  · December 8, Unity Days: The Convention is back by popular demand for its 4th year! Join fans and the cast of The for an immersive weekend with panels, meet . AdWe Make Sure You Get The Most Tax Savings! Our Accounting Services Offer Individuals Tax Preparation Services. Oct 11,  · Email bullying@ Please allow weeks from date of order for delivery. All orders are final, no refunds. Orders can be shipped only to U.S. addresses. .


Management and Accounting Main Bibliography C: CHS-COK – Day of Unity timeline


Matches employee charitable donations and provides paid time off to volunteer, donating 6, volunteer hours on company time in the past year.

Mining; employees. Supports ongoing professional development through a number of inhouse training initiatives, including Generation Gold for high-potential employees with less than two years of experience. Accounting; 7, employees. Paper products; 1, employees. Offers em-. Breweries; 3, employees. Keeps employees connected through monthly town-hall-style Stein Sessions in the pub, quarterly pub gatherings for business updates and an annual National Commercial Conference.

Helps employees balance work and personal commitments with a variety of alternative working arrangements and paid personal days. Supermarkets and grocery stores; 32, employees. Helps students and new grads gain relevant career-level experience with co-op placements and paid internships. Insurance; 12, employees. Provides resources and services to support the physical and mental well-being of employees as part of its Wellness Matters initiative.

Sports and entertainment; employees. Food manufacturing; 1, employees. Maintains the Mars Ambassador Program to provide employees with opportunities to work on short-term assignments around the world at partner organizations.

Real estate development; 1, employees. Manages a Finance Leadership Development program for recent graduates. Auto wholesale; employees. Offers its unique company assigned or company leased vehicle program, allowing employees to receive a new vehicle every 12, kilometres. Electromedical apparatus manufacturing; employees. Public transit; 3, employees. Encourages employees to submit ideas that result in a better workplace, improved customer satisfaction, operating efficiencies and cost savings through its Ideas Work initiative.

Hospital; 1, employees. Offers employees who are new parents the option to extend their parental leave into an unpaid leave of absence. Medical relief organization; employees. Publishers; employees. Offers employees paid time off during the summer months and winter holidays, in addition to vacation allowance. Offers a number of onsite amenities, including a cafeteria with healthy and special-diet menus and subsidized meals, lounge spaces and a fitness facility.

Electronic health information; employees. Helps employees plan securely for the future with contributions to a defined benefit pension plan.

Gas and related product wholesalers; 2, employees. Introduced new training initiatives, including unconscious-bias training for managers and a generational differences awareness workshop. Computer and information management systems; 2, employees. Encourages employees to adopt an ownership mentality through a share-purchase plan, available to all employees.

Consumer product manufacturing; 1, employees. Designed head office renovations and ongoing changes with the help of employee focus groups. Schools; 15, employees. Works with local charities that have a direct impact on the lives of children and youth. Soft drink and food manufacturing; 10, employees. Offers retirement planning assistance and extends its health-benefits plan to retirees, covering per cent of the premiums, with no age limit.

Customer loyalty program software; employees. Real estate investments; employees. Helps cultivate the next generation of talent through summer-student roles, co-op placements and paid internships.

Telecommunications, cable, publishing and subscription programming; 21, employees. Invests in the long-term career development of employees, providing opportunities to participate in leadership training and formal mentoring. Banking; 52, employees. Offers a purchased vacation option that lets employees purchase up to 20 days of additional vacation time when needed. Museum; employees. Offers a full range of alternative working arrangements to help balance personal and professional commitments.

Insurance; 2, employees. Offers a full suite of financial benefits, including a share-purchase plan and year-end bonuses for all employees. University; 3, employees. Employs a mental health co-ordinator, responsible for overseeing related initiatives across campus and creating a harmonized and holistic approach to mental well-being for faculty, students and staff.

Customer relationship management; 1, employees. Developed an in-house feedback app that encourages ongoing monthly two-way feedback between employees and managers. Medical, industrial and imaging equipment; employees. Offers a health-spending account as part of its health-benefits plan, allowing employees to top up coverage according to personal needs.

Professional organizations; 55 employees. Provincial government; 65, employees. Gambling and gaming operations; 1, employees. Keeps employees informed through regular town halls hosted by the CEO and executive roundtables, which allow employees to interact with executives informally.

Communications equipment manufacturing; employees. Industrial automation and controls; 2, employees. Manages a results-focused community program directed at finding ways to help people, such as building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

Maintains a dedicated Retirees Association to support continuing contact and dialogue and organize related social events. Engineering; 3, employees. Maintains the Caring Hands Employee Committee, which helps the organization plan its corporate social responsibility program and activities.

Hospital; 7, employees. Located on a campus-like setting with nearly acres of ravine parkland with plenty of green space for employees to walk or ride their bikes. Information systems and technology; 1, employees. Celebrates exceptional performance and achievement through a variety of awards, including sales, retention, innovation and long service.

Public transit; 14, employees. Offers workshops on a variety of topics including nutrition and fitness, caloric balance, portion control, healthy eating on the go and understanding food labels. Offers a wellness spending account which can be used for a variety of items, including cooking classes, gym membership, sports equipment and stress-management courses.

Publishers; 1, employees. Supports a number of charitable initiatives each year and offers employees paid time off to volunteer with their favourite organization. Municipal government; 22, employees. Introduced combined maternity and parental leave top-ups to 75 per cent of salary for 78 weeks, as well as extending the parental leave portion for new dads and adoptive parents to 75 per cent for 63 weeks.

Banking; 46, employees. Invests in the ongoing development of employees with generous tuition subsidies for courses related and indirectly related to their position.

Housing programs; 1, employees. Offers tuition subsidies for job-related courses and professional accreditation, as well as a variety of in-house and online training programs. Land registration and information systems; employees. Keeps employees engaged with social events and celebrations throughout the year, including a family picnic, Easter egg hunt and a bowling night.

Motion picture promotion and film festival; employees. Helps nurture the next generation of talent through co-op placements and paid internships. Software publishers; 4, employees. Allows current employees to apply for temporary assignments to other Ubisoft studios worldwide for a designated period of time. Hospital; 3, employees. Manages an extensive healthy workplace program focused on the physical and emotional well-being of employees, physicians, students and volunteers. Social service agency; employees.

New parents can take advantage of onsite daycare when they are ready to return to work. Tool and hardware manufacturing; 1, employees. Focuses its charitable efforts on supporting humanitarian, health-related, community development and environmental initiatives.

Investment banking and securities dealing; 1, employees. Provides retirement planning assistance and phased-in work options to help retiring employees transition. Insurance; 9, employees. Created a global wellness strategy focused on five key elements: programming, communication, leadership, organizational practices, assessment and ongoing evaluation. TVO, Toronto. Television broadcasting; employees. Launched a New Product Design Challenge to harness ideas across the organization.

Game developer; 90 employees. Offers subsidized access to a shared-use fitness facility and the services of onsite health practitioners such as massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors. Launched an unlimited personal time-off policy to encourage employees to relax, recharge and pursue personal interests. Offers a three-year Future Leaders Program to prepare new graduates for business leadership roles.

Charitable organizations; employees. Hospitals; 11, employees. Supports employee efforts to make health and wellness a priority through a variety of programs, including personalized nutrition sessions, stretch breaks and an interactive travelling Wellness Wagon. University; 9, employees. Maintains a Senior College Centre to provide retired academics and librarians with space to meet and discuss topics of shared interest. Aircraft parts and equipment manufacturing; employees.

Manages a rotational skills-training program with streams for those early in their career, as well as for experienced high-potential employees. Credit card issuing; employees. Offers the unique Sun Life Financial Osler Global Health program, which allows employees to gain experience working abroad. Offers the purchase of up to 10 additional vacation days as well as the formal Orange Day program for four more paid days off that are scheduled on holiday long weekends throughout the summer.

Engineering; 7, employees. Helps nurture the next generation of talent through a dedicated new graduate program, co-op placements and paid internships. Computer equipment manufacturing; 2, employees. Manages the Xerox Employee. Initiated Philanthropy program to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations where employees regularly volunteer their time. Individual and family services; 1, employees. Police service; 2, employees. Maintains a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau and offers a number of in-house training on topics such as mental readiness, transgender awareness and aboriginal cultural competency.

Individual and family services; employees. Offers four weeks of starting vacation allowance, as well as paid personal days, which can be scheduled throughout the year. Those criteria are: physical workplace; work atmosphere and social; health, financial and family benefits; vacation and time off; employee communications; performance management; training and skills development; and community involvement.

Employers are compared with other organizations in their field to determine which ones offer the most progressive and forward-thinking programs. Should they move?

And if so, where? The answer was yes, to downtown. Partly that was because their new location on University Avenue would be near many of the hospitals and healthcare organizations OTN works with daily in providing on-screen consultations with medical experts to patients in remote locations.

But there was another important factor — tech talent. These days, nearly every organization requires some form of tech expertise beyond simply maintaining the enterprise computers.

Retailers need. You have to be aware of what other industries are doing. In the summer of , Los Angeles-based international real estate firm CBRE reported that Toronto was the fastest-growing tech centre among all North. American cities in Moreover, its rank in attractiveness to employers and tech staff — as well as number of tech jobs — had risen to fourth on the continent, after only the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Washington, D. CBRE counted , tech jobs in Toronto, some 8.

To an extent, the ends of the employment spectrum are moving closer together. Traditional corporations, such as Rogers Communications Inc. But tech firms, which may be strong on foosball and flex time, also have to look at the benefits offered by traditional firms, notes Yerema.

If they have a defined-benefit pension plan and generous maternity and paternity top-ups and you have none of the above, you may have to revisit some of your policies and programs. Brown says OTN has not had real difficulty in finding talent. Young people coming out of university often want opportunities to give back, such as through volunteering. They want a purpose, and to able to make an impact. The more you can offer, the more attractive it will be. It differentiates you from others.

That means you have to remain strong in all the elements that make a top employer. Since she alreadytohad experience represent the company its small-business in information technology, sheexperience leapt at clients. They encourage a tremendous to you to questionopportunity everything. Building on its solid technological foundation, ADP Canada provides its Building on its solid technological services to more 40, clients,its foundation, ADPthan Canada provides ranging to from small businesses throughout services more than 40, clients, ranging from small businesses throughout.

Canadian he says. Her responsibilities to email campaign and creating a webextend page for social media promotion through Twitter, the products. Her responsibilities extend to LinkedIn andpromotion Facebook.

The company outside institutions and for professional provides subsidies for courses taken at accreditation. Working ona sleek LEED high-rise, thePlatinum 20th through 22ndemployees floors of a of theLEED globalPlatinum insurancehigh-rise, provider can look sleek employees outthe over Lakeinsurance Ontario and the Toronto of global provider can look Islands, majestic skyscrapers of the out overthe Lake Ontario and the Toronto nearby financial district as well asofthe Islands, the majestic skyscrapers theCN Tower next door.

It environment. Having with open arms their and people are always an officetowith fantastic view shows the willing sharea their knowledge. Having leadership values us. Responding to staff feedback is another way AIG Canada implements Responding to staff feedbackitsisgrassroots another culture.

One Innovation example: theBootcamp companywhere ran employees from differentBootcamp functions where come its inaugural Innovation together over 12different weeks to functions generate ideas employees from come and action plans on howtotogenerate better serve together over 12 weeks ideas customers improve and action and plans on howthe to workplace.

Everyone off employee with 26 days of There are a slew starts of other annual leave that can be used for 26 vacation benefits. Everyone starts off with days of or otherleave purposes. Nearly everyone has the annual that can be used for vacation right to work fromNearly home for at leasthas some or other purposes.

On federal statutory holidays, the offices usually granting another close at a1 Friday, p. Top talent talent is is what what Top takes us higher. Annual for payouts competitive and everyone is eligible an are based on companybonus. The company are based on company financial results and contributesperformance. As well, AIG Canada will match up annual pay to a defined contribution pension to three salary inwill a company plan. As per well,cent AIGofCanada match up savings to threeplan.

Clement joined coshelter. Grant, 29, has and Services business American as a Lifestyle Consultant withinatthe Travel Express Canada for more than at two years and Lifestyle Services business American —Express she makes restaurant reservations for Canada for more than two years premium Cardmembers and books concert — she makes restaurant reservations for and theatre tickets, among tasks.

One of our core values is enabling our employees One of our core values isto maintain work-life balance. Management is also great with me being in school, especially when I have andin Management is also great with exams me being things that. Whentowemaintain look at our enabling our employees employee satisfaction survey, 90 per cent work-life balance. When we look at our of all our Canadian employee satisfactionemployees survey, 90say perthat cent their give them the flexibility of all leaders our Canadian employees say that they their need.

We Toronto. It really adds a richness to dialogue at the leadership level. We provide an inclusive culture to help our colleagues thrive. Another current focus for Amex is mental-health wellness. If59we per of them are women. We provide lookcent at our VP-and-above population, 59 opportunities to really elevateWe ourprovide women per cent of them are women. AstraZeneca AstraZeneca employees employees thrive thrive on on support support —— and and science science.

We really are at our best, when our employees areatatour theirs. We really are best, when our employees are at theirs. Doctors, which empowers employees The company also introduced Best to find answers to medical questions relevant Doctors, which empowers employees to to them or their families.

Then, there is development that provides LifeSpeak, anplatform online health and wellness instant access platform to professional insight on a development that provides range topicsto— professional from physical and mental instantofaccess insight on a health totopics eldercare, stress management and range of — from physical and mental building personal brand.

They are happens the foundation ourpeople. You start from the idea thatparadigm. It will program is truly themake best me a much more effective leader. It will make me a much more effective leader. Barton was one of the first cohort of Barton managers go of through thecohort new wastoone the first coaching program, which isthe thenew first of of managers to go through its kind inprogram, North America a coaching which isfor theBASF, first of chemical producer with operations in its kind in North America for BASF, a 80 countries.

Ashours an additional can befor used to gaintheir accreditation from value coaches, hours of training can be used to gain accreditation from. Listening is a very in important Coaching can be conducted person or part of theListening process and you remotely. In addition to boosting employee intended to cultivate ingenuity. The organization cares about your development. Theyabout really The organization cares want you to succeed.

They really want you to succeed. The challenge was a success. More than the office together to Thehalf challenge wascame a success. More participate foroffice weekly prizes. The firm than half the came together to participate for weekly prizes. The firm.

It is much more than a Even how BrightIdeas Blakes works sophisticated is innovative. She joined the firmmakes nearlyBlakes four years ago She afterjoined is what special. As for the workplace itself, Khuong says have visited high Aspeople for thewho workplace itself, her Khuong above the city in have one of its bank says people who visited her towers high are impressed theofspacious above the city with in one its bank layouts towers with human touches, as a telescope are impressed with thesuch spacious layouts in thehuman reception area.

There are special activities lounges or where employees rooms forand meditation wellness can relax with pinball where machines or table activities and lounges employees hockey. The hockey. To create a more innovative and welcoming workplace, we harnessed the ingenuity of the smartest,and most thoughtful experts we — our people. To create a more innovative welcoming workplace, weknow harnessed the ingenuity of the smartest, most thoughtful experts we know — our people.

Borden Ladner Gervais sets precedents for law firms Borden Ladner Gervais sets precedents for law firms. At the time, she had working just moved never considered for to a law Ottawa, aftertime, starting in Montreal firm. At the she her had career just moved to doing data analytics. Ottawa, after starting her career in Montreal Still,data BLG was looking for someone with doing analytics. Today, she —is Specialized Litigation.

It focuses on business law, litigation arbitration, and intellectual law firms. Partner, BLG Toronto, joined a predecessor Andrew Harrison, Regional Managing firm 30 years beforejoined a series of mergers Partner, BLG ago Toronto, a predecessor with other stand-alone created one firm 30 years ago beforefirms a series of mergers national firm.

For innovationsand internally to serve clients more instance, artificial intelligence to review efficientlyusing and effectively, Harrison says.

For contracts, once artificial a time-consuming both instance, using intelligencetask, to review contracts, once a time-consuming task, both.

Harrison says that people from disparate increases productivity and lowers costs. Along with people different backgrounds also contribute to with the diversity ethnicities, genders and orientations, of the firm. With topics ranging there are coursesskills for articling from technical to legacystudents planning, through partnersstudents on the eve there are associates courses fortoarticling of retirement, and programs through associates to partnersfor onbusiness the eve of retirement, and programs for business.

He adds that while lawyers advance alongHe a well-known path,lawyers the firm support staff. Molaro Initially, learned on the job, by saysshe that was certainly the both case for doing and being mentored. But for her next her. Initially, she learned on the job, both by step BLG sent her on one-week doingforward, and being mentored. Butafor her next course at the Harvard Business School. Recent university opportunity do pro graduates, hetonotes, arebono oftenwork. One example, heand says, is how the charitable organizations volunteer Toronto officeexample, banded he together sponsor groups.

One says, istohow the aToronto Syrian refugee family. Ouris built into the to organization. It comes right diverse andexceptionally board. We nurture diversity of thought andnurture experience and knowledge, We diversity of thought so when we lookand at innovation and experience knowledge,we have a wide rangeatofinnovation people and so when we look we experiences to draw have a wide range of on.

Both2are the insurance the Gen first of their kind inengine. Customers start with their regular increments. If the vehicle driven less of a year, annual cost insurance than 9,the kilometres overofthe course is reduced.

Barring extreme about 1. Makingtrademarks bad days good. Making bad days good. And good days better. It has evolved through multiple iterationsIt current weather and traffic conditions. I want to and use ourhow skills. CAA such a diverse to growofand learn. It is a leader safety certification services for products in ainwide and certification for Canada rangeenvironmental of market sectors.

It is a leader in safety and the U. Thisfor has our employees learn, grow and created endlesstoopportunities for achieve their career goals. Restovic, a trained chemical engineer, joined CSA aintrained aschemical a certifier.

Holding the future to a Holding the future to a higher standard higher standard csagroup. Standards Development. In theand organization launched its job, rotation special-project assignments. CSA does succession workshops for offers employees complement planning, and careerthat planning their career for andemployees personal development goals. Anoffice employee mutual benefit The Toronto promotes staff association, seven elected employees, camaraderie.

Restovic, enjoyed taking her United the Jays maingame. In addition to the cause isemployee also supported bake voluntary payrollthrough deductions, sales and silent organized a the cause is alsoauctions supported throughby bake committee of 22auctions volunteers. Last committeecontributions of 22 volunteers.

Flexibility, Flexibility, balance balance and and growth growth are are hallmarks hallmarks at at Ceridian Ceridian. And Ceridian, whose flagshipshe cloudAndDayforce Ceridian,software whose flagship based providescloudhuman based Dayforce software provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management and talent management management and management functionality, goestalent the extra mile to create goes the extraemployees mile to create afunctionality, work environment where a work environment can grow their careerswhere whileemployees enjoying the can grow their careerstheir while enjoying flexibility to balance personal andthe flexibility to lives.

Our fundamental belief is that if Our create fundamental is that iffor you a greatbelief environment you create a great environment your employees, one where theyfor yourbe employees, one where they can happy in their personal and can be happylives, in their professional theypersonal will treatand professional lives, they will treat your customers magically. The company supports professional development at all offices professional development all offices through job shadowing andat job rotation through job shadowing andwith job arotation and has close relationships number andOntario has close relationships with a number of universities.

These relationships of Ontario universities. Thesetorelationships provide students with access new grad provide students access view to new programs that givewith a holistic of grad the programs that give a holistic view of the. Ceridian iswhich also a is founding partner of MoveTheDial, dedicated to of MoveTheDial, which is of dedicated increasing the advancement women to in increasing the advancement of women in technology.

Employees work with their managers to makeregularly adjustments with their managers make adjustments to their schedule andtowork from home to their scheduleThe andcompany work from home when necessary.

She isthat a working mother all athe difference. So, too, does diversity. The more looks the planet we liveour in,company the better lookswelike we customers. I really enjoyedathe parent.

Theparents organization placesranging children from a few parents days to several months and, in with foster for periods ranging some several years.

The foster provide encourage stable families and caring homehelps environment that healthy growthprovide and development.

As a foster parent, Worrell has welcomed 14As children her home. She alsofoster meets once athroughout month withthe her supporting families supervisor, which to with exchange city. If they have to and workflexible late towork meet here have lots of support the needs of clients, uplate to the schedules. Theand organization through its Child Institute to also partners with Welfare universities and colleges enhance clinical in working through its Childskills Welfare Institutewith to at-risk In the enhancechildren clinicaland skillsfamilies.

In the opportunities at CAST. I feelatvery fortunate that I a teen-aged girl and canCurrently work andfostering foster at the same time. Self-learning Self-learning is is key key to to career career growth growth at at Citi Citi Canada Canada.

This is isboth to me as he says. This is both to me at night. Canada, 1,, in Toronto The firmincluding employs about peopleand across Mississauga. However, we Officer. However, undergaduate program. The majority of our professional-level hiringofis our for professionfinancial The majority technology roles. However, al-level hiring is for financialwe also have a strong focus on our finance technology roles. However, we also undergaduate program. There is a strong focus on of ethics the core whatand we responsible do.

There isfinance a strongin everything we do. Because Citi isInstead, so global, have a mix of slow-moving. Such a diverse Becausefrom Citi different is so global, we have a mix of workforce contributes to our success. Believing in Canadians and Believing in Canadians and their ideas for years. AndCollege despite of that held the Ontario regal price,and the Surgeons. If you trust employees to get the they will gettoitget done.

Ifwork you done, trust employees the work done, they will get it done. In addition to participating in office fundraisers such as the cake auction, In addition to participating in office employees get two days off annually, fundraisers suchupastothe cake auction, with pay, to charitable employees getdevote up to to two days off activities annually, of theirpay, choosing. Evensuch establishing accountability, trust and wellness come critical organizational values such as from the employees themselves, accountability, trust and wellnessrather come than beingthe setemployees by a boardthemselves, of directorsrather or senior from than management.

Subsidized meditation, yogainand to its wellness value is manifested many PilatesSubsidized classes aremeditation, offered on site. Health cent. There is flexibility in hours worked insurance premiums are covered, per and whether work happens home or cent. There is the flexibility in hoursatworked at the office. Here, Our work thetempted public, to and years. I havesupports not been the College supports us. Not many other leave. Our work supports the public, and organizations encourage and many back you to the College supports us.

Not other grow professionally whileand alsoback caring organizations encourage youfor to your professionally personal well-being. She turned check first toonthe Novak did a background theannual Top Employers to seefirst if the had organization. Shelistturned to College the annual madeEmployers it.

The to believe whenthat yougives wakeyou up something in the College is ainplace morning. It always liveswake up toupitsinpromise. It Ialways livesstill up be to here.

Associate Vice-President, Resources. College providing Whileisthe primarydiverse focus atexperiences Durham and experiential learning opportunities College is providing diverse experiencesto more than 12,learning full-time post-secondary and experiential opportunities to and students,post-secondary the employees moreapprenticeship than 12, full-time are well-served,students, particularly terms of andalso apprenticeship thein employees their own professional development.

Asideof are also well-served, particularly in terms from tuition reimbursement program for their aown professional development. At the end of the day, the more we enrich At the our end employees, of the day, the more we enrich our whole organization. Over the past has many courses. Through theto take workshops onthere all types of subjects — from college itself, are opportunities to take learning how content to —how to workshops ontoalldeliver types of subjects from work withhow artificial intelligence.

My always drills into usrelationship. College, The AI matches faculty and talented students with Hub, a new initiative of Durham College, industry partnersand to work on students artificial with matches faculty talented intelligence-based solutions business industry partners to work ontoartificial problems. Maraj hires students to take intelligence-based solutions to business some of these projects starttototake finish problems. Maraj hires from students with providing experience somehim, of these projectsvaluable from start to finish for involvedvaluable and building deeper witheveryone him, providing experience relationships.

There is also annual the means to provide meal around support students whoamight not havethe holidays. Finding Finding meaning meaning and and purpose purpose at at Ecclesiastical Ecclesiastical Insurance Insurance.

While about a now hasand offices in Toronto, Dartmouth, quarter itsVancouver. All net from redistributed initiatives. Ecclesiastical to arecharitable turned over to ATL and redistributed to charitable initiatives.

We start from the premise that we want to do good. Today, she isclerk a Senior working as a filing at itsUnderwriter Toronto head who takes greatshepride in serving clients who, office. Today, is a Senior Underwriter in turn, serve their communities. Ecclesiastical given spots week some in of athe young office peopleplacement helped byprogram.

YSM The to give them credential program. Ecclesiastical employees arethere. In Toronto, organizations like the Mission, Tim paid days annually to Scott volunteer. We also people interdependent fashion, andlook shareforownership with a good moral compass and accountability. We also and lookcommitment for people to community involvement.

In to addition internship program designed develop to rotating through variousIn parts of the future leaders and experts. This is another way I can back. Thisbig is another wayis Ithe canrange give back. Protecting Protecting those those who who enrich enrich the the lives of others for over years.

Join Join us us at at ecclesiastical. We An employee more than like to hire who want We to merely a jobpeople to be engaged. Chamberlain first worked for Fidelity as a co-op student, first doing three terms while as Chamberlain worked for Fidelity his commerce at thewhile University aearning co-op student, doingdegree three terms of Guelph.

He joined the company as an Investment Associate in , and. Chamberlain, department, valued chance to about who was paired withthe a member of learn the legal the companyvalued from athe different department, chanceperspective.

Outstanding employees employees Outstanding take us us to to new new heights heights take careers. One of the ideas recognized was a web-based transcription service that allows to do One of the ideas recognized was Fidelity a web-based reporting off what otherwise just to be do transcription servicewould that allows Fidelity audio files. Chamberlain, for example, sits Fidelity backs employees who give to their on a young leaders committeeforatexample, the George communities.

Chamberlain, sits Hull Centreleaders for Children and Families, which on a young committee at the George offersCentre mentalfor health services childrenwhich from Hull Children andforFamilies, birth through age 18services and their offers mental health forfamilies. Canada The Through time or charities money, Fidelity organizationtoincreased the paid contributed charities lasttime year.

This enables an employee for to volunteer, from one day to twoto volunteer on aThis Fidelity teamanproject and to also days annually. Today, Fleet Complete hastheover employees between Canada and United employees globally and operates in States.

Today, Fleet Complete has over 15 countries. Executive Vice President, Resources. Executive Vice President, Human Resources. There positive ways that allow all ofareuscertainly to tackleno some boring dayschallenges.

Initially connected to companies focused on the courier serviceworkers. Currently thetransportation fastestsectors, distribution, growing provider in world, Fleet and fieldtelematics services.

Currently thethe fastestComplete offers industry-leading growing telematics provider in thetechnology world, Fleet and global offers partnerships with prominent Complete industry-leading technology automotive manufacturers to prominent help customers and global partnerships with transform businesses from inside out. Allonboarding new employees participate in a which includes detailedprogram, discussionJumpStart, of how week-long onboarding they incorporate these values into their whichcan includes detailed discussion of how they can incorporate these values into their.

Employees are also encouraged to uphold day-to-day-activities. These areand broadcast to all of discuss longer-term goals take questions the offices. These wellness is strongly promoted.

Blue Jays baseball games andhave a cruise on All-employee social outings included Lake Ontario. Theevent, weeklyasThursday Happy Complete office around Hour is a popular event,the as itglobe.

We move aware, eager to learn adaptable. We thank our employees for making us great. We thank ourcareer employees for making us great. Jumpstart your with Fleet Complete today! Jumpstart your career with Fleet Complete today! GE GE generates generates power power in in its its products products —— and and its its people people. When harnessing and Ideveloping When Ifor was at university also heard talent.

Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ont. The culture is very friendly and open. Theaculture is very friendlyextremely and open. Some of the top hospitals about Some of the top hospitals in the patient countrycare. After his internship, he worked growth. After his hebusiness worked in marketing, theninternship, moved into in marketing,and thenfor moved intofour business development the past years has development for the past four years has been in projectand management.

Some of the things I most. It also with career opportunities. It also works with community-based organizations such as community-based organizations such as Junior Achievement, which encourages Juniorschool Achievement, which encourages high students to succeed in a high school students to succeed in a global economy.

Community involvement is a high priority Community involvement a high priority at GE Canada, Keenan notes. United We have a very campaigns for a long time. We have a very strong presence, through payroll deductions, strong presence, through payroll deductions,. We The the world, we are carevast. Almost ready: How leaders move up. Harvard Business Review January : After the handshake: Succession doesn’t end when a new CEO is hired.

Harvard Business Review December : Harvard Business School Press. The case for a chief of staff. Cianci, A. Auditors’ efficiency motivated evaluation.

The impact of positive and negative mood on the hypothesis generation and ethical judgments of auditors. Accounting, Organizations and Society 35 4 : Convery, M. Evans, L. Hughen and E. Fernando, E. Houston, N. Montague and R. Audit partner identification: Unintended consequences on audit judgment. Kaplan and J. The moderating effects of the incentive system and performance measure on managers’ and their superiors’ expectations about the manager’s effort.

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